How to remove bathroom sink drain flange?

How to remove bathroom sink drain flange?

To remove sink drain you will need to:

  1. Remove sink drain stopper
  2. Disconnect the P-trap and the tailpiece
  3. Unscrew sink drain flange and remove it
  4. Place the new flange using silicone
  5. Reassemble all the pieces

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Most of the homeowner has faced at least once the situation when bathroom sink got clogged and the water stopped draining properly. This is the most common trouble in the household and fortunately, it can be fixed quite easily without any need to hire a professional. In most cases the water won’t stop suddenly to drain, it will occur for some time and you will notice that water started to drain slower and slower until it stops draining at all. Ideally, to fix the problem at the initial stage, since there are a lot of special liquids you can use to tackle the problem at the initial stage.

However, if the water would not drain at all then none of the liquid solutions are helpful. If the water is not draining at all, you will need to remove the sink drain. If you wondering how to remove a sink drain, don’t worry that is exactly what we are going to talk about in the following paragraphs of this article. In fact, this article will cover information on how to remove a bathroom sink drain, how to remove sink flange, how to remove kitchen sink drain flange, how to remove American Standard bathroom sink drain stopper.

Tools you will need to remove bathroom sink drain

  • Wrench/Pliers
  • Bucket
  • Silicon

Additionally, I would advise you to use:  

  • Detergent or drain cleaner liquid
  • Hair clog removal tool(as one of the main reason for clog is usually hair)
  • Brush or old toothbrush (useful for cleaning)


How to remove a drain from a sink? Step-by-Step Guide

Start from removing sink drain stopper

 The stopper is usually easy to remove with hands by simply pulling it or turning it right or left and then pilling it out.

Preparation for removing sink drain

Turn of the water supply. Remove everything that is stored below the sink, as you will need space for the bucket and there might be some water leaking from the drain pipe.

Disconnect the P-trap and the tailpiece

Unscrew the nuts of the drain P-trap and drain tailpiece by using the wrench. Disconnect the two pieces.

Unscrew sink drain flange

Now you will need to unscrew the drain tailpiece from the bathroom sink flange. Put the tailpiece aside.

Remove sink flange

Remove sink flange. Don’t worry if it does not seems to get out by itself it might be holding in place with silicon. You can try to use pliers to pull the flange out.

Clean the area under the flange

Clean the area where the flange was sitting. Make sure that you wipe the sink with a towel and dry it, so you can place the new flange.

Place new flange using silicon

Apply a thin layer of silicon on the outer corners of the new flange and then push the new flange into the drain hole in your sink (from below). Tight it up by using the wrench.

Reassemble the pieces

Reassemble the P-trap and the tailpiece by screwing the nuts that hold them in place.

Turn on the water supply

Turn the water supply back on and run the water for a bit to check if no leak occurs after you reassembled everything.

Now you know to remove the sink drain flange. I have come across that some people are specifically interested in how to remove bathroom sink drain stopper American standard, that is why I decided to include instruction in my article as well.

How to remove bathroom sink drain stopper American standard?

American standard is a quite popular brand in the US, that is why very often I got asked how to remove bathroom sink drain stopper American standard. It’s quite simple and I am going to leave the instructions down below.


On the back of your bathroom sink, there is an actuator (cable), rotate it counterclockwise. Once you disconnect it, you will see a cam covered with a cap. You need to pull off the cam cap by using the screwdriver. Pull the cam by wiggling it right and left. Some people do it just with hands, but that’s a personal choice only. I would recommend using pliers. Now that you have done that, just lift the stopper from the sink and you can now clean it. I will leave the video below, which is super useful, I recommend you watch it.

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